Semi-permanent makeup

Semi-permanent makeup application

A fully trained and licensed semi-permanent makeup technician in Cumbernauld.

Looking good has never been this easy!

Get ready quickly and effortlessly every day with semi-permanent makeup application. Micropigmentation covers eyeliner, eyebrow and lip enhancement. This revolutionary makeup method is a favourite among the celebrities.

We have state-of-the-art equipment and private rooms for the treatment, and our professionals are trained and experienced. We also provide beauty and holistic treatments.

Micropigmentation covers:

  • Hair stroke eyebrows - £235
  • Top basic eyeliner - £150
  • Top and bottom basic eyeliner - £200
  • Thicker eyeliner - £250
  • Latino flick - £350
  • Lip blush- £200
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semi-permanent makeup application


This is arguably one the beauty industry's most popular treatments. Beautiful brows really do frame the face, so if you have overplucked your brows leaving them thin and sparse or there wasn't much there to begin with, this could be the answer to your prayers.

Whether your brows need some filling in, your tail is missing or in need of some lifting, or they just need some definition and colour added to them, then we can create the perfect brows to suit you. Our clients come from all walks of life. Some are sports enthusiasts who just want to look good whilst doing what they like best, some are busy super mums who just don’t have time to pencil in brows everyday but want brow perfection 24/7.

Also, the great news is that there are no age barriers to having this treatment done, in fact the vast majority of our clients are the over forty fives! Perfectly placed brows can really roll back the years and be a great anti -ageing investment.
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They say eyes are windows to the soul, but they're also a powerful communication tool. The ancient Egyptians had taken no time in working this out and would enhance their eyes with kohl made with a concoction of minerals. The cosmetics industry has changed all that, thankfully, but for many women the application of eyeliner and keeping it on can be a real headache!

Semi-permanent eyeliner will create the illusion of thicker darker lashes naturally, whilst bringing definition to the eye area. Creating a smudge proof, perfect line that s sweat and tears proof and therefore perfect for all you gym bunnies, swimmers, outdoor types and holiday makers. Its also a much sought after treatment for anyone with a makeup allergy or sensitivity or contact lens wearers. 


Lip Blush

This superb treatment will define your lips, creating an illusion of volume and fullness. The lips are outlined first and then shaded through to the middle of the lip and this blends the colour naturally. Ideal treatment if your lips are thinning and pale or you like the natural look where you can gloss and go!
Lip Blush
Get perfectly shaped eyebrows and smudge-free eyeliner and lipstick application with micropigmentation.
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